Answer hub /অ্যান্সার হাব/ উত্তর মালা

Answer hub /অ্যান্সার হাব/ উত্তর মালা

1Q:in hypertension head up or down?

A: ‍In hypertension head should be in up so blood flow less to brain and head and reduce the risk of developing stoke or brain heamorrhage or damage.

2 Q:is coronavirus test. Mandatory/required for Cesar delivery?

A:Yes,inthe scenario of current covid-19 pandemic it is a good and safe step to test for coronavirus before Cesar if you are positive for coronavirus measures can be taken to ensure your treatment and your baby too.Also health care provider (staffs) can use protective gears for their own personal protection this can do appropriate work for benefit of both patient and health care provider staffs.



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